Introduction to this study

What an honor it is to have the Words of our God in front of us day in and day out! It is an incredible gift by which we can know the Infinite God of heaven! It is my prayer that we would be faithful students of God’s Word and would glean and drink deep from the text—that we would see Jesus clearly in order to know God that we may make Him known.

Each week, we will read through the book of Titus multiple times–sometimes it will be the whole book and other times just portions. You will need your Bible, pen and highlighters. I will provide questions each week to encourage your thinking about the text and to help you apply the text to your daily life. It is my hope this resource will spur you on as you read, pray, discuss, share and live out your faith.

…so that in everything they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior.

TITUS 2:10

May the Grace of God through His Word transform us, and may Christ be seen ever brighter in us

as we live out the beauty of the gospel!





Ladies confernece

Oct 4th Oct 5th

Titus Dessert Fellowship

  Oct 9th  

Titus Session One: Week 2-9

Oct 16/17 Jan 15/16

Heart and Home Workshop

Jan 22/23  

Titus Session Two: Colossians

Jan 29/30 April 29

Heart and Home Workshop

April 1/2  

End of year potluck

April 29  


No Titus Dates



No Titus due to holiday break

Nov 27/28 Jan 1/2

Mid winter break- tahoma

Feb 19/20  

Spring break

April 8/9