Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – 8/16/20

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Sermon Notes:

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Stephen; A man of faith – Acts 6:1-7:53


1. A man of power (6:1-8)

2. A man accused (6:9-14)

a. Accused of speaking against:

i. Moses (vs 11)
ii. God (vs 11)
iii. The temple (vs 13)
iv. the Law (vs 13)

b. Their plan of attack

3. A man of the Scriptures (6:15-7:50)

a. Stephen’s answers to being accused of speaking against:

i. God (7:1-16)
ii. Moses (7:17-37)
iii. The Law (7:38-41)
iv. The temple (7:44-50)

4. A man of conviction (7:51-53)