What is Slack?

Think of Slack as a mix of a church directory, email, Twitter, Facebook, SMS text messages, Forums, File shares, and audio/video chat, all brought together into a single interface.

How Do I access Slack?

Slack can be accessed via any web browser, but there are also dedicated Apps for Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android.

Why another tool?

Why not just use Twitter/Facebook?  While those other tools have their place and will still be used, this tool allows a higher level of privacy. The information put into slack will only be visible by the members of Slack that we invite into our ‘team.’

Can I see a demonstration?

There is a YouTube video that gives some examples  on how this is used within a business.  Take a look and think about how the ideas can translate to use in our church.


What information is required?

Information you provide is all on an Opt-In basis, however the more information provided, the more useful this will be as a communications hub for the Church.We are leaving it up to each family/person to determine how much info they want to share within the application.

As you use this more, feel free to post questions, and ideas in the #general channel.  Also, scroll up in the #general channel to review previously discussed questions, and see pinned topics.

A few channels have already been created for specific topics, such as #prayerrequests, #web_site_updates, and #family_health.  Most have a Purpose set that you can review when you click on them.

How do I get access?

Request access by providing us your email below.  We will use this to send you an invitation that will allow your access.

When you sign-up within the application, please us the name format of <FirstName>_<LastName>, i.e. Jason Katen is formatted as jason_katen.

Please use the form below to request a Slack invitation.