. . . to Make Christ’s love known to our Neighbors and all Nations.

Our Purpose:

Giving people Direction For Life by leading them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and growing them through the teaching of His Word.

Colossians 1:28 “And we proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, that we may present every man complete in Christ.”

The Missions Team:

Jean Courtier

Katie Bonnell

Joe and Sharon Gaunt


Todd and Jennifer Janes


Email:  tmjmjanes@gmail.com

Todd and Jennifer Janes are missionaries to Thailand.  Currently, Todd and Jen are doing part-time language study, part-time ministry – building relationships with the locals to share the good news of Jesus, and seeking to fulfill their role in the Great Commission.









Trevor and Hayley Amack


The Amacks are new on the mission field to Cambodia. They are being immersed into a new culture, going to language school, cultivating new relationships in hopes of showing and sharing the love of Jesus Christ, and raising six children.



Chernobyl’s Child


Our Mission: To render humanitarian aid to children, families, schools and communities in Eastern Europe affected by the Chernobyl nuclear accident of 1986 through school and community projects as well as child and family sponsorship.

Purpose: To provide necessities such as winter clothing, vitamins, dental and school supplies, as well as food to children in the southeast part of the country of Belarus who do not receive this life saving aid from any other source.


For more information visit their website: www.hopeforchernobylschild.org



Titus & Stephanie Folden

Global Ministry

Titus and Stephanie serve globally with World Venture.  They equip local churches, missionaries and NGOs to prevent abuse and exploitation in their communities.  Their programs prepare the evangelical community to share Christ in love to survivors of abuse and exploitation, teach biblical counseling for trauma survivors and help national believers begin outreach programs to those in their circles of influence.


Ethan & Melissa Molsee

Togo, West Africa

Ethan and Melissa Molsee have served at the Hospital of Hope in northern Togo, West Africa since August 2014. Ethan has served in various leadership roles at the hospital and on the greater Togo north mission team. He currently serves as the hospital administer. Melissa works as a physician in the hospital and clinic caring for patients who arrive daily from our region and many surrounding countries. Together they are raising four boys – Aaron (12), Eli (9), Aden (7) and Ezra (5) – who thoroughly enjoy playing with their friends at the MK school, climbing trees and riding motos.





Caleb & Christina Suko

Odessa, Ukraine

Caleb and Christina serve in Odessa, Ukraine with a team of missionaries. Their ministry is focused on growing healthy Christ centered local churches. This is accomplished through training young believers at the Church Ministries Institute, where Caleb serves as the vice president. In addition to this they are involved in personal discipleship, and work closely alongside Ukrainian pastors to help strengthen and multiply the church in Ukraine and beyond.

Caleb and Christina are sent by Discovery Baptist where Caleb served as a pastoral intern from 1999-2005. Together, they ministered as commander and secretary of Discovery’s AWANA club.


Jon & Suzanne Wright

Europe & Middle East

The Wrights serve Christ in Europe and the Middle East with World in Need International, a faith-based mission devoted to serving Jesus Christ by discipling people which enables indigenous evangelism, discipleship, church planting and training leaders (Matthew 28:19-20).

From 1985-2002 the Wrights effectively served itinerantly in Romania from their pastoral ministry in the USA. During those years in Romania they trained church leaders and helped with the establishment of a Bible School and Christian Camp & Conference Center. From 2002 until 2014 they served international English-speaking churches in Austria and have been teaching Bible classes at the United Nations for the past 17 years. In 2005 they began training church leaders in Iraq where they have continued to develop the ministry through graduates of the Bible training. Effective outreach has expanded as the war has opened new doors for the Gospel.

Currently, they are also training church leaders in Egypt and across Austria among these new communities of faith. God continues to expand their ministry in strategic ways which are advancing the Gospel in far broader ways than they ever imagined.

For more information visit their website: http://www.thewrightministry.com orWininternational.org

Dick & Mavis Buck

Salvador, Brazil

Dick and Mavis returned to Brazil in January 2013 where they feel it is home to them. They are currently waiting to see what ministries the Lord is leading them into as they are ABWE retired missionaries.

Rich & Cindy Brown

Madrid, Spain

Richard and Cindy Brown-Spain

The Browns live and work in Alcalá de Henares, a city of approximately 200,000 inhabitants, located about 20 miles east of Madrid capital. They lead a team of missionaries with the goal of establishing a vibrant Spanish church in a new section of Alcalá. The principal activities they are involved in to accomplish their goal is evangelism and discipleship.

Church planting is a difficult endeavor in Alcalá because of the strong Catholic influence. Bible-believing and practicing Christians, including Baptists, are typically regarded as members of a religious cult. One of the ways they break down this antipathy and suspicion is by teaching English to Spaniards. Cindy has been especially effective in teaching English as a means of penetrating Spanish society.



Jim & Carole Plunkitt

Spokane, WA

Retired ABWE Missionaries

Current ministry focus: Our main present ministry is Revitalizing the Christ Fellowship Baptist Church. Carole works with the women’s ministry and the music team. Jim is responsible for the teaching ministry, leader ship development, working to develop outreach and a discipleship ministry. He works some with students at Great Northern University, a new Christian University, replaced Moody Bible Institute of Spokane. He speaks at mission conferences and youth retreats and camps.

Bob & Dawn Wilson

Pacesetter Ministries

PaceSetter Ministry is committed to establishing and training groups of leaders–pastors and laymen, in the United States and abroad–through the practical application of the Word of God in real life situations. This is accomplished by encouraging men and women in discipleship training, family relationship development, and “Back to Basics” renewal conferences.

For more information go to: pacesetterministries.com