Kids Worship

We have a kids worship group that will be learning scripture songs from Seeds Family Worship.

We will learn several songs, with hand motions, with the goal of performing the songs on Sunday Mornings or during special services (Thanksgiving Service, Christmas, Missions Conference, etc.).

The group is for all kids ages 4 through Jr. high and we would really like to encourage all kids to participate.

The songs are simple, catchy and easy to learn. More information, and samples of the music can be heard here:

In order to make it easy to participate we will be practicing every Sunday right after the Sunday service, from the time service lets out until 12:15pm in the upper room of the CE building.

We could use several adults and high school teens to help with singing, hand-motions and crowd control. No experience needed, simply a heart to worship and to lead our kids into worship.

For more information contact Jen Nelson.