Family Camp

Family Camp is at Alder Lake from August 15th through 18th.

Reserve your spot by signing up in the Foyer.




Family Camp at Alder Lake
Thurs. Aug. 15 – Sun. Aug. 18, 2019

Family Camp registration is now open and will stay open until June 30
or all spots are filled. Tent campers may register until Aug. 11.

There are two camping options:
1. There are 20 spots available for $113 for all 3 nights including
electricity and sewer. Members of your family may tent camp on your
spot for no additional fee. Fee includes tow vehicle, additional vehicle

When you sign up the spot is yours for all 3 days, even if you can only
make 1 or 2 days, the cost is $113. Additional cars are $10/day each. If
you cancel after June 30th you are responsible for the $113 (unless you
find someone to take your spot).

2. Tent campers may come and tent in the common areas of our group
pods. The fee is $10 per night and $10/day per vehicle.

TCC registers for our group camping spots 9 months in advance and
pays all fees. Please be good stewards of the church’s money and pay
your fee in a timely manner! Pay when you register, pay in installments
that fit your budget, but please pay by June 30.

If by July 1 there are full camping pods left (groups of 5) they will be
returned to the park and we will be refunded the difference minus a
service charge.